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Doodlebug, Live:  Club Dada, New Music Night, 1/20/92.  Bob Cummins (lead vocal, guitar), Merrill Wallace (guitar, vocal), Robb Bush (bass, vocal), Bud Bush (drums, vocal)

It's Your Fault, Just Her Way, Inside My Little World, Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel), Green Cricket on a White Table, Mr. Kemp, Pinata, Common Shadow,  Alone In Love, It Don't Come Easy (Ringo Starr), When You Hold Me, All I Wanna Know, Puff the Magic Dragon Peter Paul and Mary), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

doodlebug toss me the beads

Doodlebug - Toss Me the Beads! 1991

Bob Cummins (lead vocal, lead guitar), Bud Bush (drums, vocal), Merrill Wallace (guitar, vocal), Robb Bush (bass), Kevin Rosser (percussion)

1. All I Wanna Know

2. Just Her Way

3. When You Hold Me

4. Alone In Love

5. It's Your Fault

6. Allman Joy

doodlebug cassette

Doodlebug, Live:  Club Dada 11/24/92, Tim Ungrodt (bass, vocal)

Straight Across My Head, Gotta Let You Know, It's Your Fault, Inside My Little World, Just Her Way, All I Wanna Know, Common Shadow, So Much For Science, When You Hold Me (punk version), Mr. Kemp, Fine Tune, Vibrasonic, Hearing Free, A Place for the Dogs

bob bud merrill tim

Live, Trees, Dallas 12/21/92, Tim Ungrodt (bass, vocal)

 Straight Across My Head

 Gotta Let You Know

 Sticks and Stones

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