KBUT Community Radio, FM 90.3 in Crested Butte, 88.7 in Gunnison, 94.9 in Jack's Cabin


                  KBUT Community Radio


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Transister Radio Show with Bud

Indie alt rock, deep cuts, velvety, psychedelic, lo-fi beats, instrumental, experimental...

Stream Live Transistor Radio on Wednesdays 10am-noon, mountain time

"Coming down Kebler Pass with a truck full of firewood and Bud puts on Wilco Kidsmoke (Spiders) and it carries me all the way down out of control, loud and proud. If you don't like that song you're fucked in the head and if you don't like KBUT you're equally fucked in the head."  Crested Butte Local 102517

Stream past radio shows (mp3 streams, 2 hours):

011718 10am  featuring Wand, Overlake, Radiohead, The Wooden Birds, Tripswitch, Additional Moog,  The Velvet Underground...

011018 10am  chill easy flow  featuring Charm Days, Junip, Here We Go Magic, Fog Lake, Yo La Tengo, Tosca, Drumspyder, Ulrika Spacek...

010318 10am  featuring Yo La Tengo, Happyness, Bedhead, Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Mercer, Thurston Moore, Grandaddy, Guided by Voices...




my first transistor radio