Texline by Black Light

Texline 2017 > moody acoustic practice loops matched in song chapters

black light classical

Classical 2016 > instrumental guitar, piano, koto, sitar and hymn

Album Cover by Black Light

Album Cover 2016> acoustic based melodic favorites

bahe santi by Black LIght

bahe santi 2015> meditiative chant with traditional instrumentation and percussive loops

32 by Black Light 32 2011> Simple short indie art rock transistor radio melodies and instrumentals

Star Gun by Black Light Star Gun 2011> Easy ambient lo-fi indie rockers and relaxed garage instrumentals

Firefly by Black Light Firefly 2008> Percussive tribal rhythms in evening ritual

Galveston by Black Light Galveston 2007> Acoustic melody led by psychedelic overtones

Second Floor by Black Light Second Floor 2002> one mic two people one day

Radio Tent by Black Light Radio Tent  2002> short simple sample based lo-fi cruisers

jibe by Black Light Jibe 2001> Found sound and dissonant noise collage experiminstrumentals

Clickers on the Fly Sink Deep by Black Light Clickers on the Fly Sink Deep 2000> 3 part maxi-playa of mid tempo lo-fi rockers and one takers

steady by Black Light Steady 1999> Long meandering analog waves of experimental noise


Green Gloves by Black Light Green Gloves 1999> Double CD of lo-fi vibro-wah lou tube rock

Selector Sound by Black Light Selector Sound 1998> 4 track pops and instrumentals

Startled Horse by Black Light Startled Horse 1996> Loud garage harmony rock

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