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Night Hawk


 The salmon is good in

        Nova Scotia.

But the price of eggs is what



The grocery cart strolls through

        the parking lot outside my

Window, in intervals echoing amongst these buildings,

Seemingly, with no guide.


Dusty and hot tonight on this bed,

In this small town desert motel.


081993    Top




Purple car passes through

Intersection Two red trucks racing in unison

Careen through sideswipe

Ambulance, airplane

Little long haired red head

Girl running to daddy

Mommy O.K.


Green tank passing slowly through

The shopping center alley

L replaces D on storefront sign


Top views of room, brown and white

Walls spinning clock

Furniture turning counter

Red drops down from above

Turning color color

Drawn towards the walls


Big brown woman, grey head

Front porch rocker rocking

Smiling, laughing fool heartedly

Slowly, silently


Closeup, outside of palm

Thick with holes toward wrist

Black and white, still


Orange armchair in middle

Of pink cattle field grey


Orange balloons floating

Upward in black

Above snow capped peaks

Above clouds


Red soft side suitcase

Large shiny white knives

Cigars and moss

Paint the side of the house

White with red letters


Polite patents protect prissy policemen


Underwater caves with comic heroes

Playing cards.


Launch radiators into space


Pink bubblegum smell

In the zoo taste tolerant

Casserole of noodles and drips

Imbedded in a gel-like

Standing solid hindrance


053093    Top


Harvey mc9000


3D4-7 twenty four glasses

with a line down the middle across

half full

with half empty mosquito

biting the blood splatter

looking for the cracks

or one on her own

with the big four ready to move

WRR and fresh flowers

arched ways and coved trays

in the workshop side left

solid door fishing poles

and hackberry chairs

weekly rag with the lights off

down from the third

positive dog whisper

issue of looking up

down eight four in the bottom

two away from home

and a solar eclipse

here come the hits tie

and a will to drive

on the bright side

of the stripe

with some water

still left in the glass

frisbees and magnets

stick ems

pencils and pens

jar holder

Heimlich maneuver

red blink motion flee

african violet three.

or china saucers

door open breeze

come in

nooks and crannies

watch the dog bark without the beard

how many tree count

our less Monday

chimney sweeps

and picture molding


061102    Top


Glass Console


a sick something new

an anti-fickle high

go buy by the wayside

sample the world

regimen the moment

polarize a segment

give it a naked pose

on the no end runway

just like looking forward

to nothing that will pass

how about now

sitting simple in the present

without the presence of artificial


dark mortar filled brick arch

surrounding deep geometric

symmetric glows

swaying cedar

backlit boughs

rounding stairs

moonlit home

color glass console

steady solo note

headlights out

up light on

and off


020701    Top


Flag Fan


pretty lady

turn on the flag fan


tree drops damp

puddle bubble runoff

Jesus porch

hillside village valley

brown to green

sleepover no clothes

horizon livestock

twister snake necklace

three blankets


031100    Top




no jacks in Amarillo

I remember U Totems

4 mac n cheese crayons

and a bunch of stacked cady’s

freestyle color


032999    Top


Room With a Window


a room has a window

an air hole repair

industrial ants and spray

on a pretty day

divan for two

too big to stretch

and all the metal

wired for sound

leftover color lots

zig zag match

wrap around fruit roller

get lucky

peep hole door to door

off the center to center

knock the work bench

save the shelf

for the sand hill back hoe

second intermission

mosquito hawk lint

poster boys with tacks

water log edges

what about the girls

selfish gender screen

like the ladies

naked baseball cap

the action of three

pickup flat swimming

in muddy waters

Richard’s in the guide

twice, as nice for the

funny picture press packs

eight to make four

and the room has a window


030599    Top


Reticent Trip


a reticent trip of selective interchance

bound by freedom observed

playfully through glass eyes

of the soul departed wayward

of seasonal consequence

conjugating requiem unity via

water as we know light and magnetic

current transformation autonomy

specie specific sepulcar

kingdom dominae spirit

resolute finding infinite round


031996    Top


Ferris Wheel


Come on over to my house and play    OK

We’re gonna play charades

                                strip tease

                                hide n seek

                                machine gun

                                lights out

                                ride horses

                                see some colors

at a party Tim met Jim

Jim was ready to split

Jim approached Tim and said

They started talking bout another scene

From opposite ends of the world

Some friends were gonna meet at Jim’s

Tim was over his head

The games began

But soon he was wed

A husband and a dad


green meanies running mad

a glitter ferris wheel clad

with silver bracelets black hats

in a jingle chasing cats

being watched by a clan

of native cannibal lads


of a cliff water fall

never stopping at all

through black space hall

many stars without a wall

fast approaching fireball

noone to hear my last call


051896    Top


Acoustic Interlude


Pigments of my imagination

Figments of transcontinental reality

Caught up high in this box

Nothing left but me

And the fog, random notes

Clipt of vision, mercy sake

Languid dust falling like the mist

Covering the mess

Making it seem real

Timepiece ticks too fast

Making me early

When, I’m right on time

Shifting vortex slide

Squeal dry skin

sanctity testify

A plane enters the 18th floor

Weathervane tailspin

Havoc bullseye unrest

Upheaval, unity

When will it all come down

When will the supreme surface

Catastrophic calamnity, only after the fact

One by one, as we go

Storm before a calm

Raging radiant results of our creation

Productive powers

Interscope selection

Combative retroaction

Little quantity no quality

No policy

The dinosaurs are gone

A violin, organ, harmonica

An acoustic interlude

Solemn hope

What is he worth to us?

He can play lovely melodies.

but he cannot protect us or

bring us food or pelts, too meager.

Song to soothe the mind.

Dividing lines, static

fuel chips pipes blow

Lower extreme

Water ammunition

fertile soil sunlight

Warmth Exodus

Away from the hub

Decentral open circumference

No radius

Tribes, the reds were right

Now we’re lost

Protection, territory, near water

Eat the meat.

what about disease.

what else, what about dying.

Matches, dry wood

twine, blade

Shovel, blankets


Everybody has a place

The bulb blew

Sparks and smoke

Lights out

The lights flickered one eve

During talk about the coming

The roars slow

And the music can be heard

The doors open

Bells sound

ringing a higher cause

The sopranos churn a

heartbreaking tear

The chorus is yet to come

Dram builds

Disciples yearn

Doubters plunder

The scale is lost

Notes fly openly

Cast into motion

At once low and high

Suspended forever

Sustained without fall

In accord without flaw

Like planets in space

As they are today.


011196    Top


M Drive


jazz drums

a bag of stream

on the windy drive

repeating the name vein

glass table below

two matching random cards

English chapeau

gloves and tweed

red turtle neck

auburn wig carrying

a potted plant

on the way

the ticket in a drawer

different from the sack

and the alligator passenger

in a cowboy hat pulsating earpiece

orange watch tape


102501    Top


A Moment of Slack



Acknowledge the innermost

Rectitudal manipulations,

Sections of the Lobotomy.

Primortal beastities of all generations

Fall in close category

To United Sanctity,

Despite most populations,

Primarily monetary gains.

Distorted satisfaction,

Distribution of green,

Artificially inseminated.


Conglomeration of what is composed

Through absorption of the complete accumulated Realm

Becomes one, the real of what is complete.

Mind of one's mantra,

Rectitudal centers of vasticulated genes

Come together through wova.

Mojo is fulfilled,

Ears grasp the species

Conclude confidentially receivership.


George Washington eludes passive movement of today's path

Innately through our doings.

Society has brought us many lumps:

Riots of today create false eyes,

Clear colored falseness

Creates shields from reality,

Extracting us from the truth.


Machines dominate

Proceedings through righteousness,

Everything might be comfortable.

Justify actions:

What might have been,

What might should have been,

What we think might should.

Accuracy of condemnation

Might have been the actual

Judgment between law and the

    Mona Lisa.

    0788     Top  


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