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i still have myu first transistor a.m from when i was 5; i had a reel cheap reel when i was about 9 loving recording stuff; loved listening to my dads 50s jazz and 60s rock albums, always recorded cassettes o f it transistor radioiall; bought all the ktel records when they cam e out in elementary school..music..loved to sing harmony to my record player,,dind’t lieke junior hgih cornet; learned drums on sisters nat s drum set and cassette recorde with cars; enjvied the hgih school band and talent show bnds...


some friends of mine were playing in a band in college in dallas  the adjustable waste band I’d go in the practice / chapter room and watch the rehearsals and laugh and be quieiet drummer had a blue vista lite kit. The lead singer bob from Houston had a band in high school called Robert mucus or mucus bob (I don’t know( and the cotton swabs.  Drummer graduated or quit or something and I bought a drum set that summer  ast a store in Houston, a cheap white tama starter set.  Weplayed , oh I forgot about the wild bushmaen withme , preston1 and blake. Anyway the adjustable waste band turned into rhythmethod.  We played, stock answer “  beatles, stones, clash  ramones and a lot of irs rem and whatever else came on the radio we liked> college parties school functions bars restaurants events you name it.  bob always came up with obscure originals that we’ neve heard of then baecame a tv commercial. also soame great medlies. Me preston1 bob, and preston2 came in from Rollins form rhtythm guitar and harmonification .    we eventually worked in some bubble gum originals; preston 1 moved to houston and cuz robb moved in from CA with llong hair and palyed bassse me on drums .preston2 got busy with tshirts and then ethere were 3, bob sang.     i got tired of plalying born to be wild and was off of music until bob showed me hahow to play guitar; merrill came around, bob lent me his 4 track recorder, i stareted writing music; we formed a psychedelic acoustic combo the happy generation; kevin came along and plaayed congas and percussion; i started singing some songs from behind the drums. my right ear just popped and is ringing it’s windy outside>  we had a big peace sign made out of green christmas lights; happy g got a little more rockin and turned into doodlebug; robb came up with cool logos; merrill on rhythm guitar, mandolin, slide..; kevin cruised, a black belt he alomost killed a boundcer one nite.  bob and i wrote lots of songs; he used to introduce a new original to the band, and fool us b/c it would be an obscure cover ie i found a reason; we recorded songs in the studio with all of these aformentioned bandsbobkentbudrobb.  we took a break i kept writing and recording on a four track and formed “bush” which had to change into black light with robb bob my friedn kent from school on drums i sang and played rhythm guit we played about a year live and recorded startled horse in a day at mikes house; ok we did some overdubs the next week; i decided i liked recording a lot more than playing for 10 people including the band live and family life, kide, everything after startled horse is prety much me> i began listening to more noise/ experimental stuff and including sound collages on tape. selector sound and green gloves were recorded on 4 track cassette with cheap mics 57sand 8s; selector sound at johns/ richards duplex on euclid; green gloves at merrils duplex on lewis with his silver sparkle ludgigs and deluxe reverg;  incluses second cd of meanering experomental spontaneous vibes; steady 4 song all experimental sounds noise; slack inspired by david lynch; read backwards reverse tape; recording at home on 8 track analog cassette for next 7 records; clickers has nine composed songs 10 on the fly and 10 insantaneous blues numbers recorded in the heat the kay and snare; jibe takes samples of band practice sessions and loops songs; radiotent recoreded in garage alley guest shack favorite record; second floor with robb and a mic in the room lofi 24hrs; words trips to galveston another favorite; percussive tribe rhythms on firefly;   - got a macbook for stargun relaxed but pensive then 32 short quick lofi hopeful exloatory; classical recordings of piano and guitar.  meditation and spiritual expansion led to bahe santi. collection of favorite bands melodies to cover album cover. and many years of outtakes and acoustic version to consider.


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