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 Campers by Black Light  031818  Campers by Black Light from the album Texline

081917 mixing new songs from acoustic practice loops, and building playlists for 3 additional albums - acoustic solo, outtakes and instrumental compilation

050117 looping and joining acoustic practice melodies for new songs

022617 The Feelies: Live, Real People, New Music

The Feelies, live at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, 9/16/17

The Feelies, live at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, 9/16/16

092816 ++++ Classical album of guitar, piano and eastern instrumentation, as well as 16th century hymn- released - no charge.

Classical by Black Light

----  reworking and creating acoustic versions of noisy and older BL songs

Album Cover

album of melodic favorites (cover songs) complete, published

Larimer by Black Light

Larimer by Black Light - spontaneous audio video collage created in Denver,  April, 2016 - inspired by Autolux live performance

ah ohm video  

   "ah ohm" video by Black Light from bahe santi album - 60 minute meandering meditation with psychedelic inserts


bahe santi - new for 2016, peaceful meditative chants with acoustic instrumentation and percussive loops.

....  tracks recorded for album of cover songs

Black Light snapshot documentary

Snapshot documentary highlights 20 years and 13 album releases from Black Light in 5 minutes.

... compiling tracks for B sides album

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