Black Light is psychedelic lo-fi velvety indie art rock created in relaxed home studios. The catalogue comprises many full length albums, with recordings progressing from four track analog to multi-track digital production.   The instrumentation is implemented with voice, guitars, drums, keyboards, percussion, found sounds and samples.

Black Light snapshot documentary
      Black Light documentary "snapshot", 2015


The melodic rhythms are contrasted by edgy lead sounds accompanied by dry walkie-talkie  or echoplex vocals. Contrasting instrumental arrangements vary from spaghetti western themes to experimental noise collages.

The unique stream of conscious style of recording and layering, mostly by bud, invites the beauty and color of spontaneity in an impressionistic form of music and lyrics.



Formerly from Dallas, Texas, Black Light is based in Crested Butte, Colorado. Inspirations span many generations  from  the  slacker crunch lo-fi west coast, the new york undgerground, the jangle south to the bluesy western tejas.    

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   KBUT Transistor Radio DJ streams with bud


startled horse selector sound green gloves steady clickers on the fly sink deep
startled horse, 1996 selector sound, 1998 green gloves, 1999 steady, 1999 clickers on the fly sink deep, 2000
jibe radio tent second floor galveston firefly
jibe, 2001 radio tent, 2002 second floor, 2002 galveston, 2007 firefly, 2008
  album cover
black light classical
star gun, 2011 32, 2013 bahe santi, 2015 album cover, 2016
classical, 2016
slipstring by Black Light Selections by Black Light
Highway Soul by Black Light

texline, 2017 retro moon, 2019   slipstring, 2019 selections, 2019
highway soul, 2020

Fall Line by Black Light 2020 almont by black light 2021

fall line, 2020 almont, 2021

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